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What is a trauma llama? Well… it’s a term that baby trauma llama (BTL) coined when we spent the summer in an in-patient trauma treatment program. After months, days and hours sitting in trauma treatment groups listening to other patients tearfully detail their traumas, or having to do it ourselves, we bonded through the one survival defense we knew best, humor.

And on that day, early in my treatment when we bonded, BTL turned to me after a painfully long story by another patient and whispered in my ear, “trauma llama.” I responded, “trauma llama ding dang.”

It wasn’t an insult or a judgment; it was just a term that made us both giggle and feel connected. We were connected to each other, to the other patient and to the entire trauma universe.

Making fun of trauma may seem, to some, poor taste. However, we will never make fun of a fellow trauma but we believe that we must have a sense of humor about some of our experiences. If we don’t, we could easily get sucked into that overwhelming black hole.

So, share your story with us, the good times and the bad. But most importantly find that one spot in your body that allows you to giggle, laugh or fall off your chair!


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