Overcoming Treatment Trauma

Treatment trauma?  Seriously?  Sounds like an oxymoron, right? As a trauma survivor, don't we all strive to heal from our trauma?  We know we can't do this on our own, so treatment often appears to be the best option. I chose to enter a treatment program last spring because I was mentally and physically ill.... Continue Reading →


Getting Unstuck in the Midst of an Anxiety Storm.

If you are a Trauma Llama suffering from anxiety, or just stressed out, you have experienced the feeling of being stuck.  Your mind is spinning. You are "shoulding" on yourself, and no matter how much support you get from friends and family, you cannot move 1/2 inch toward doing something productive. Being stuck sucks!  It... Continue Reading →

Complex Trauma: Traumatic Grief

To be the targeted parent of “parental alienation” (AB-PA) is traumatic. The type of trauma is called “Complex Trauma,” and the form of complex trauma is called “traumatic grief.” To the targeted parents, I am a clinical psychologist. What you are experiencing is a form of Complex Trauma called “traumatic grief.” Wikipedia: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress […]... Continue Reading →


Last weekend my amazingly beautiful, and intelligent niece, got married.  My son, and original BTL, asked his girlfriend to move in with him, and my BTL (and partner on this site) is contemplating having her boyfriend move in with her. The one thing they have in common? They are all in their twenties.  Oh, young love...so innocent, fraught... Continue Reading →

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