Trauma Triggers, Self Care and Las Vegas

Like many of you, I woke up Monday morning, turned on the TV and immediately began feeling the symptoms of being triggered.  I felt the familiar veil of cold sweat on my forehead and the back of my neck.  I was hungry but I did not feel like eating.  But the most pervasive symptom has stayed with me for the last 48 hours.


Snake in the Grass – How a Minor Event De-railed my Weekend

 I yelled at him again, then I caught a quick glimpse of something moving in the grass.  I stepped outside to investigate and saw a huge snake.  It was 1/2 the length of the lawn.  I grabbed the male dog by the collar and just caught the puppy as she bounded toward the snake.

The Demonic Dialectic

I am suffering in trauma treatment because I chose life. I can always change my mind later. But I’m here, suffering because I chose life. I died that night, you see. Hell has such terrible dreams!

Spiraling Into Trauma

So I mentioned in the title that I "spiraled" into trauma. Without going into the entire 55. .. um 56 years (as of last weekend) of traumatic events, I will give you the Reader's Digest version.

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